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August - September 2020
Additional Feature Releases
Model Coordination Enhancements
Model Coordination users can now filter the Clash Matrix by views to focus coordination on a subset of model content and filter their clash list by “Model” in the Model Viewer to save time and streamline their coordination workflow.
Assets Multi-Level Categorization
To help improve the overall asset and equipment tracking workflow, Admins can create category structures with no limits on levels. This allows teams to leverage the standard asset classification structure.
Issues Enhancements
To resolve issues fast the issue information must be as accurate as possible. To help users achieve this, we have released the following new features: drop pin from issue view (mobile), change issue type (web), and link/unlink a document after issue creation (web).
Meetings Enhancement
Project Management Admins and Meeting Organizers now can delete meetings at the end of a series or standalone records that are no longer necessary.
Docs Filter Enhancement
To make searching and filtering easier in BIM 360 Docs, we have new filters for search results and folders rolling out this week. This feature is available for new projects only.
Data Connector Enhancement
We have now added a Power BI template for cost data, making viewing data around cost easier using a preset template.
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