An Inside Look at Getting Started with PlanGrid

11AM PT / 2PM ET, Wednesday, May 27th

In today’s construction world, there’s a whole host of challenges that project teams face while being expected to deliver more than ever before. Untended, these challenges manifest themselves in numerous negative outcomes - added risk and potential delays or cost overruns on top of already slim margins.

That’s why construction teams nationwide are now turning to PlanGrid, a user-friendly set of construction productivity tools designed to improve communication and collaboration in the field. Join our live webinar to learn how you can use PlanGrid to streamline your project management and construction processes and gain more control over your project’s outcomes.

In this live webinar, you will learn how:

  • PlanGrid is being used by field personnel, project managers, and construction managers
  • To increase productivity in the office, trailer, and field to achieve positive outcomes
  • To use PlanGrid to communicate more effectively with your teams

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