Top 5 Construction Insights to Manage Risk

11AM PT / 2PM ET, Thursday, July 30th

To be successful, any company looking to truly connect their construction technology and workflows must start with the creation of a “digital backbone” - a backbone built on data and analytics. Cloud technology has made the lives of many contractors easier by eliminating laborious and redundant tasks. However, many are still not using the most powerful component of construction technology, the mass amounts of valuable data it produces. While this may seem like a daunting and difficult task, there are ways to easily view data, identify trends, and use the insights to further improve processes across construction projects – starting with design through commissioning and handover.

As part of the Connected Construction series, this unique webinar will explore some of the top findings Autodesk data scientists have uncovered across the global industry. From the top causes of change orders, to the types of RFIs that lead to consistent quality issues, we’ll explore insights that impact almost every contractor across the globe.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How data has helped uncover some of the top causes of issues in quality, safety, and RFIs across a wide variety of construction projects.
  • Why data gets stuck in silos and how to ensure you are getting the ‘full picture’ into your construction data.
  • How you can use the data generated from your construction projects to create connection points, allowing you to identify the root cause of issues in order to implement processes to mitigate them on future projects.

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